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Sehrish Rizvi – Print Maker Blog is an educational-based platform that aims to introduce people to the captivating world of printmaking and its various printing techniques. The main goal is to develop a platform that makes printmaking more accessible to art enthusiasts and to aspiring artists.

Syeda Sehrish Rizvi is a printmaker and the Co-Founder of Studio3 Design & Art Consultant, based in Quetta, Pakistan. A printmaking artist, her work is not just about creating visually appealing art but also about education.

The field of printmaking has undergone extensive evolution and can seamlessly integrate with other fields. The artist’s perspective on printmaking is that it should be interactive and captivating to the viewer. This revolves around fascinating concepts and brings a fresh and multidisciplinary perspective to the world of art.

The approach involves manipulating and observing things from various perspectives, showcasing a unique and innovative approach to creating art that not only stimulates the senses but also engages the audience on a profound level.

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